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The Mandala Tree Candle Company hand pours all of its meditative and aromatherapy candles using only the finest natural ingredients such as pure soy wax, fresh herbs and invigorating essential oils. Hand made in the USA, our aromatic creations are carefully blended in an effort to bring meditative relaxation, clarity and positive energy to your personal environment.

Bring some aromatic enlightenment

 into your personal environment

Thank you for visiting the Mandala Tree. It is our hope that through space, clarity and responsiveness you will find that less trodden path to happiness and bliss. The first step is being mindful of the present; your thoughts sans of fear and fantasy, past the future - your awareness connected to your intrinsic true nature within. Especially with meditation, our aromatherapy candles will help you connect to something more authentic and sublime. We wish you much luck and love on your journey to enlightenment.


John and Annamarie Bader


Meditative and Aromatherapy Candles



This sublime recipe of rosemary, lavender, ylang ylang, lemon, lime and orange essential oils brings serenity to the mind allowing for deep self-reflection. This is a wonderful aroma for creating boundless space within, where awareness and energy arises. 4 oz tin with lid – hand poured natural soy – over 20 hours of enjoyment.

Boundless Soy Meditative Candle


The aromatic scents of vanilla and amber combine to create an appealing environment with sensual hints of intrigue and mystery. 4 oz tin with lid – hand poured natural soy – over 20 hours of enjoyment.

Dusk Soy Aromatherapy Candle


This tranquil blend incorporates the soothing essence of lavender, tangerine, fragrant rose and invigorating orange essential oils to create mindful eloquence in a relaxing and meditative aromatic environment. 4 oz tin with lid – hand poured natural soy – over 20 hours of enjoyment.

Bliss Soy Meditative Candle

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Spring Renewal Soy Aromatherapy Candles

Clarity Soy Meditative Candles

Celtic Dawn Soy Aromatherapu Candles

Ceremonial Sage Smudge Sticks

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